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3.As we began 2017, the Warriors were in a rocky point with their upgraded super-team. They'd lost to most of the other premier Western Conference teams, and just lost to the Cavaliers on Christmas. Maybe, just maybe, this super-team was mortal just like the 2016 team that looked invincible was. As it turns out, in a word, nope.


1.此外还支撑 15W 无线快充以及首创的无线反向充电,可在支撑无线充电的手机之间互充。
2.  作为本届赛事中学历最高的选手,自谦的同时,贺牧野的话里分明还是透着一股学霸的气息。
3.  "Well, Mercedes was married," proceeded Caderousse; "butalthough in the eyes of the world she appeared calm, shenearly fainted as she passed La Reserve, where, eighteenmonths before, the betrothal had been celebrated with himwhom she might have known she still loved had she looked tothe bottom of her heart. Fernand, more happy, but not moreat his ease -- for I saw at this time he was in constantdread of Edmond's return -- Fernand was very anxious to gethis wife away, and to depart himself. There were too manyunpleasant possibilities associated with the Catalans, andeight days after the wedding they left Marseilles."
4.  Soone after, it being plainely discerned on either side, that theone was as well contented with these walkes, as the other could be:she desired to enflame him a little further, by a more liberallillustration of her affection towards him, when time and placeaffoorded convenient opportunity. To the holy Father againe shewent, (for she had beene too long from shrift) and kneeling downe athis feete, intended to begin her confession in teares; which the Friarperceiving, sorrowfully demanded of her; what accident had happened?Holy Father (quoth shee) no novell accident, only your wicked andungracious friend, by whom (since I was heere with you, yea, no longeragoe then yesterday) I have been so wronged, as I verily beleevethat he was borne to bee my mortall enemy, and to make me dosomthing to my utter disgrace for ever; and whereby I shall not dareto be seene any more of you my deare Father. How is this? answered theFriar, hath he not refrained from afflicting you so abusively?


3.  He set out, and on the Saturday evening reached the EternalCity by the mail-coach. An apartment, as we have said, hadbeen retained beforehand, and thus he had but to go toSignor Pastrini's hotel. But this was not so easy a matter,for the streets were thronged with people, and Rome wasalready a prey to that low and feverish murmur whichprecedes all great events; and at Rome there are four greatevents in every year, -- the Carnival, Holy Week, CorpusChristi, and the Feast of St. Peter. All the rest of theyear the city is in that state of dull apathy, between lifeand death, which renders it similar to a kind of stationbetween this world and the next -- a sublime spot, aresting-place full of poetry and character, and at whichFranz had already halted five or six times, and at each timefound it more marvellous and striking. At last he made hisway through the mob, which was continually increasing andgetting more and more turbulent, and reached the hotel. Onhis first inquiry he was told, with the impertinencepeculiar to hired hackney-coachmen and inn-keepers withtheir houses full, that there was no room for him at theHotel de Londres. Then he sent his card to Signor Pastrini,and asked for Albert de Morcerf. This plan succeeded; andSignor Pastrini himself ran to him, excusing himself forhaving made his excellency wait, scolding the waiters,taking the candlestick from the porter, who was ready topounce on the traveller and was about to lead him to Albert,when Morcerf himself appeared.
5.  The count was dressed in black and with his habitualsimplicity; his white waistcoat displayed his expansivenoble chest and his black stock was singularly noticeablebecause of its contrast with the deadly paleness of hisface. His only jewellery was a chain, so fine that theslender gold thread was scarcely perceptible on his whitewaistcoat. A circle was immediately formed around the door.The count perceived at one glance Madame Danglars at one endof the drawing-room, M. Danglars at the other, and Eugeniein front of him. He first advanced towards the baroness, whowas chatting with Madame de Villefort, who had come alone,Valentine being still an invalid; and without turning aside,so clear was the road left for him, he passed from thebaroness to Eugenie, whom he complimented in such rapid andmeasured terms, that the proud artist was quite struck. Nearher was Mademoiselle Louise d'Armilly, who thanked the countfor the letters of introduction he had so kindly given herfor Italy, which she intended immediately to make use of. Onleaving these ladies he found himself with Danglars, who hadadvanced to meet him.








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