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1.  "The king's attorney is informed by a friend to the throneand religion that one Edmond Dantes, second in command onboard the Pharaon, this day arrived from Smyrna, afterhaving touched at Naples and Porto-Ferrajo, is the bearer ofa letter from Murat to the usurper, and of another letterfrom the usurper to the Bonapartist club in Paris. Amplecorroboration of this statement may be obtained by arrestingthe above-mentioned Edmond Dantes, who either carries theletter for Paris about with him, or has it at his father'sabode. Should it not be found in possession of either fatheror son, then it will assuredly be discovered in the cabinbelonging to the said Dantes on board the Pharaon."
4.  当时他的屁股泡在水里,双腿都断了,我抱住他不敢动,只能一点点把他的腿放在旁边的布上。


4.  11. Alcestis, daughter of Pelias, was won to wife by Admetus, King of Pherae, who complied with her father's demand that he should come to claim her in a chariot drawn by lions and boars. By the aid of Apollo -- who tended the flocks of Admetus during his banishment from heaven -- the suitor fulfilled the condition; and Apollo further induced the Moirae or Fates to grant that Admetus should never die, if his father, mother, or wife would die for him. Alcestis devoted herself in his stead; and, since each had made great efforts or sacrifices for love, the pair are fitly placed as king and queen in the Court of Love.
5.  Albert looked at her with curiosity, for she had not yetrelated what he most desired to know, -- how she had becomethe slave of the count. Haidee saw at a glance the sameexpression pervading the countenances of her two auditors;she exclaimed, `When my mother recovered her senses we werebefore the serasker. `Kill,' said she, `but spare the honorof the widow of Ali.' -- `It is not to me to whom you mustaddress yourself,' said Koorshid.
6.  "On my honor, I have no idea."


3.  "No, count; but to leave Paris" --


1、  "It was most unfortunate, sir. But I have occasionally done the samething at other times."
3、  "You mean George Villiers?" asked Felton, whose looks becameexcited.
4、  Master Doctor, trembling and quaking still extreamely, was sofarre dismayed, as he knew not what was best to be done, either tomount on the beasts backe, or not to mount at all. In the end,thinking no harme could happen to him, if he were once mounted, withthe second feare, hee expelled the former, and descending downe softlyfrom the Tombe, mounted on the beast, saying out alowde: God, SaintDominicke, and my good Angell helpe to defend mee. Seating himselfe sowell as he could, but trembling still exceedingly; he crossed hisarmes over his stomacke, according to the Lesson given him.


  Then the inconvenience became distress. The hungry friends,followed by their lackeys, were seen haunting the quays and Guardrooms, picking up among their friends abroad all the dinners theycould meet with; for according to the advice of Aramis, it wasprudent to sow repasts right and left in prosperity, in order toreap a few in time of need.




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      "But you?"

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      Some minutes after, the superior of the convent sent to inform theMusketeers that the burial would take place at midday. As to thepoisoner, they had heard no tidings of her whatever, only that she musthave made her escape through the garden, on the sand of which herfootsteps could be traced, and the door of which had been found shut.As to the key, it had disappeared.

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